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!!!   Please, Please Don’t Ever Flush These Items   !!!

  • Disposable diapers, baby wipes and nursing pads

  • Facial wipes Dental Floss and teeth whitening strips

  • Paper Towels

  • Cotton Balls and swabs

  • Band-aids and bandage wrappers

  • Syringes or Needles

  • Gum

  • Feminine Products 

  • Condoms

  • Paper towels, rags

  • Disinfectant wipes, dusting pads/cleaning wipes of any kind

  • Kitty litter/pet waste

  • Bags or wrappers

  • Hair, hair ties and rubber bands

  • Paint, solvents, nail polish, polish remover

  • Flammable or other toxic chemicals

  • Prescription or over-the-counter medications

  • Toilet bowl scrub pads

  • Small animals; fish, snakes, hamsters, mice, etc.

When wipes and other materials interact with food grease or invasive roots in the sewer, they bind together, causing blockages and creating the potential for overflows. Sewer backups can be both messy and costly to clean up.  If wipes and other materials can clog our large sewer pipes, they can definitely clog your home’s much smaller pipes, requiring you to pay a plumber to clear the blockage.  At home, tell your family members to flush only toilet paper, nothing else. At work, you can help by posting notices in bathrooms and other places where paper towels, wipes, or rags might be used or disposed of.


Thank You!!!!

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